Wind on Rider
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Course Wind
Laps Crr         Speed Dir Var
      ( m/s) ( degrees) ( m/s)

Air Density
 ( kg/m3)
Sea Level   1.226
1500 Meters   1.056
3000 Meters   0.905
Rider Parameters
  Standard    Test  
Power        ( w)
Initial Speed        ( m/s)
Frontal Area
(0.4 to 0.7 is typical)
       ( m2)
Drag Coefficient
(Use default value)
       ( m2)
Rider Weight        ( kg)
Bike Weight        ( kg)
Est Min Ave Speed, Either Rider
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( m/s)

Wheel Parameters
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  Standard   Test  
  Front Rear   Front Rear  
Weight   ( kg)
Inertia   ( kg m2)
Radius ( m)
Rear Shelter   ( %)
Wheel   Front
(G=Greenwell Data, C=Cobb Data)

Reduce Drag On Test Rider:
Equivalent to    gmf  lbf   
at Speed   m/s  mph  kph 
at Air Density  ( kg/m3)     
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