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Analytic Cycling provides technical methods for Navigation Bar evaluating and estimating cycling performance and parameters. It makes extensive use of differential equations and advanced numerical methods.

Analytic Cycling methods respond in real time, characteristically returning tables and plots as products of the methods. Try a selection from the "Tool Kit". Click on the forms. Change the form data. See results for yourself.
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The models at Analytic Cycling are written in Mathematica® technical computing language.
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"No-compromise tools for analyzing cycling performance."

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Status of's calculators are now working. Tom Compton 1/18/2018
Pedal Force Simulator
I have been working on what I call a Pedal Force Simulator. The device does a much better job of simulating outdoor riding on an indoor training device.

I have created a blog to promote the project. Take a look, comment as appropriate, and please pass the link along to anyone that may have an interest.

Why? Read the blog.

Rider Aero Study
John Cobb, who does wind tunnel testing for some of the best riders in the world, sent us some of his wind tunnel data. We did an analysis and report the results at Rider Aero Study.
Wind on Rider
Wind is often neglected in models because it's easier and less complicated to leave it out, but we all know it's a significant factor. Testing has shown that the drag on the wheels changes with the apparent wind direction. The Wind on Rider model estimates the effects of wind on a rider over a course of your choice. "What front wheel should I use on the Sydney 2000 TT course?" See for yourself.
Did You Know?
We now have a general model of a rider on a surface. It's useful for analyzing paths for flying 200, sprint tactics, or a technical finish for a criterium. Contact us if you should want to apply this model to a competitive situation.
  • General Model Description
  • Advice on My Flying 200?
  • Pursuit, Wide in Straights?
  • Analysis of Lean
  • Tire Rolling Resistance
    Which is faster in a 40K TT, clincher or tubular?
    Tire Mishap Analysis
    Often people ask the question "Which has few flats, clinchers or tubulars? Here is a database for collection tire mishap data. You can enter data and extract data and maybe get an answer. See Tires Report of 7/25/02

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